Monday, November 30, 2015

Nobel Predictions

You requested- We are answering. Here are Heaven and I's predictions for all things Nobel Festivities!

Queen Silvia

Sarah- I expect Silvia to wear the 9 Prong/Queen Sophia's Diamond Tiara this year. If you look back over the past few years she seems to have alternated between Leuchtenberg Sapphire Tiara and the 9 Prong. If you have ever stalked my online presence you will not be surprised to hear that this is not my favorite a long shot... I really am not a fan. I will say that it is growing on me but very very slowly so I don't hold my breath for this year! As for a gown I would love to see one of the gowns she wore to either Victoria or Madeleine's wedding but that probably isn't likely so I will have to say anything but that gown from 2 years ago or the dress from Carl Philip's wedding. I will probably regret saying "anything" but that is what I am going to say... If we get a monstrosity- I give you permission to blame it on me! 

Heaven- I think she'll be going with the 9 Prong which is not my favorite. I personally would love to see her in the Leuchtenberg Sapphire Tiara. Keeping in mind that she will probably wear the 9 Prong, I would love her to wear the dress she wore at Madeleine's wedding! It was one of my favorite at the wedding and I've been dying to see it again! But she'll probably surprise me as always.

Crown Princess Victoria

Sarah- I honestly have no clue what Victoria is going to wear this year (which is why I really did not want to write this post). She is going to be pretty pregnant and I have not figured out what she going to wear. Maybe Pär Engsheden or Fadi el Khoury? I like their designs so I will go with that. Or maybe she will wear a custom Seraphine Maternity gown as we know she has been loving them this pregnancy! As for a tiara... I am always hoping for the 6-Button- because unlike the rest of the world that is my favorite but I have a feeling Christina is going to wear that so realistically I am going to say the Laurel Wreath Tiara. 
Heaven- Even though I'm sure she will choose a Swedish designer such as Fadi el Khoury or Par Engsheden, I'm dying to see her in Elie Saab ( I know, pretty unrealistic) It's been a while since she wore Elie Saab and she always look amazing in his designs. Although I don't think anything could top what she wore last year! I think she will wear the tiara she wore last year and that's absolutely fine by me as I love that tiara.

After we wrote these predictions, we found this tweet so it looks like Fadi el Khoury is a likely prediction for Victoria! (They hinted on their Facebook page that the material was for Victoria)

Princess Sofia

Sarah- I expect Sofia to wear her wedding tiara again. I really hope she does because I want to see some more photos of it. I still have not decided my feelings on it. I am thinking she may go for a custom gown from Ida Sjöstedt, the same designer who made her last Nobel gown and Wedding dress. I would love to see her in a YDE Copenhagen gown but I am not going to hold my breath for that.
Heaven- I think she will go for a custom Ida  Sjöstedt gown and her wedding tiara. I would love to see her in a Zuhair Murad couture gown maybe as she wore one of his design to her pre-wedding dinner but again, just a wishful thought

Princess Madeleine- 

Sarah- I am going to take an oh so wild leap (sarcasm) and say she is going to wear the Carl XVI Gustaf diamond tiara. The same one she wore for her wedding and almost every tiara occasion since her 18th birthday. The girl loves that tiara! (It is beautiful- don't get me wrong- but I would love to see some variety) As for a gown I am feeling a red/pink/purple color this year. As for designer I have no clue but she normally does a really good job picking dresses I like so I am going to let her surprise me.

Heaven- It's the same every year, I have no clue about what she'll wear but I'm pretty sure she'll choose her wedding tiara. I would love to see her in a purple Zac Posen gown and the Amethyst tiara because I love purple and the fitting of Zac Posen's designs are always amazing and she would look so good !

Princess Christina

Sarah- I am throwing Christina into the mix just because I feel that she does not get enough coverage and love. I expect Christina to wear the 6-Button Tiara (as I mentioned above). She looks great in the tiara and it is my favorite. As for a gown I expect a kaftan inspired dress that she pulls off so well and does very often. 

Heaven- I'm not really familiar with her and I don't know anything about her style so I look through some of her old looks and I'd like her to repeat the dress she wore at Carl-Philip and Sofia's wedding  with the 6-Button tiara.

Well that is our predictions- What are you predicting for the Nobel Ceremony? What are you hoping to see? 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Saturday Catch-Up

Yesterday there were a bunch of photos of different outings from the Swedish Ladies from the past few days- but I was just plum too tired to post about them. (I had my own Julmarknad to attend to...)

Speaking of Julmarknad (Christmas Markets)- Victoria, Daniel, and Estelle attended one at the Royal Stables yesterday.

A photo posted by Kungahuset (@kungahuset) on

This was not an announced visit but something I imagine they were doing as a family and the court decided to release photos afterwards. One distinct piece of clothing I can ID is Estelle's coat. You may recognize it as being the same coat she wore to pick up the Christmas trees at the palace last year- or you could recognize it from the 1970s when Victoria wore it. I was surprised to see it again- I figured a year later Estelle would not fit into it as kids grow like weeds but I guess I was wrong!

Another outing that was pictured yesterday was Sofia attending a Friday Night soccer/football game apart of a new Project Playground initiative. They are sponsoring an event where refugee children get to connect and meet others in similar places as them through playing on a large field after hours.

My great Facebook and Twitter followers alerted me that she was wearing a top from IRO and pants that may be from Isabella Oliver Maternity. (I really don't know about the pants- the photos are too blurry to say for sure so I am not going to post them on the blog)

I think that is all for news that I have missed. Let me know if I forgot something dear readers! 

Project Playground's Dinner

On the 26 of November, Carl Philip and Sofia attended a charity dinner for Project Playground. The dinner was held at Nio Rum (Nine Rooms) which is a renovated function hall in Stockholm. They managed to raise about 1 million SEK for Project Playground during that evening alone. 

For this night out, Sofia wore a stunning dress from & Other Stories and wore a pair of earrings which come from Mrs. Mi.

Photo from Project Playground 

Friday, November 27, 2015

Advisory Meeting at the Palace

Another Post! Apparently this evening Carl Gustaf and Victoria held an Advisory meeting at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. And Victoria changed for this occasion. I don't know why- I don't even think it was on the public calendar- but here it is anyway!

Victoria wore the same Seraphine dress that she wore back a few weeks ago when she attended the Dag Hammarskjöld Lecture given by Nobel Peace Prize Laurette José Ramos-Horta. You can read my recap of that event HERE. She appears to be wearing her blue YSL pumps but the photos are not that great and I am still honing my shoe identifying skills. I also imagine that she is wearing a necklace from Kreuger Jewellery (this one probably) but that is probably too far of a stretch to say for certain.

It should be noted that this same dress was worn by the Duchess of Cambridge when attending the December Meeting for the 1851 Trust at the Goring Hotel. You can read about that visit and see photos here

Photos from 

2015 Nobel Prize Meeting at the Palace

Today the King, Crown Princess, Prince Daniel, and Princess Sofia attended a meeting about the 2015 Nobel Prize ceremony at the Royal Palace in Stockholm.

Not much can be seen from this photo, but I can tell you that Victoria is wearing her red dress from Seraphine.

Photos from 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Global Child Forum 2015 in Stockholm

Today, the King and Queen are hosting the 5th Global Child Forum at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. The Royal Couple started the the Global Child Forum in 2009 with the desire to bring together leaders in the fields of children's rights to have a discussion. Their website states, 
"Global Child Forum is an independent, multi-stakeholder initiative for informed dialogue and thought leadership on how to advance children’s rights in support of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Forum gathers leaders and decision-makers from business, government, academia and civil society. By information sharing, exposing leading case studies and learning from best practice from all parts of the world, the initiative work towards a future where children’s rights are respected and supported by all stakeholders in society. Their Majesties the King and Queen of Sweden initiated Global Child Forum in 2009"
Today, the King, Queen, Crown Princess, Princess Madeleine, and Princess Sofia were scheduled to attend but due to a mix up in the PR department/security threats, Victoria did not attend.

Madeleine and Sofia did attend however with the King and Queen. Princess Madeleine came back from London to attend a dinner last night and today's main forum. It is expected that she will fly back to London immediately afterwards. For today, Princess Madeleine wore a cape and top from Zara (huge shoutout to our Facebook Followers for informing us). She also wore her Celine handbag.

Sofia wore a draped top from COS which covered her bump nicely. Her shoes I believe to be the same ones she wore last month from Gant.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American Followers! I am so thankful for all of you (no matter if you are celebrating Thanksgiving or not!!) I will be off celebrating with my family so any updates to this post you can thank Heaven for. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday!

Today is The Royal's And I's 1st Birthday! Can you believe that it was a year ago today that I started this blog? I can't! It has been a great year- I have met a lot of new people through this blog and we have found lots of new/old ID's! When I started this blog I really did not expect it to grow so much. At the time of writing this we are almost at 70,000 All-Time page views- SEVENTY THOUSAND. That is a lot!

When I started this blog I did not expect that a year later that I
  1. Would still be blogging (I had little faith in myself) or 
  2.  Have a Co-Blogger. 
If you have not heard/read, Heaven of Queen Rania's Fashion joined the site a month or two ago and has been a great help and friend to me. She has currently been hiding in the background but hopefully in the upcoming year she will write some interesting posts for you all! (I am trying to convince her to share her Nobel Predictions with you but so far she is a little reluctant- so encourage her to write!)

In celebration of the blog's 1st Birthday, I will be continuing the Designer Spotlight Series that I launched last month. My hope is do spotlight 1-2 designers a month. These designers I am picking are going to be ones that have designed for multiple Swedish Royal Ladies and over the course of a few years so that we can see a)The different styles of the different ladies and b) How their fashion has changed over time. If you have ideas about designers that you think should be featured Tweet me, Facebook message me, Email me, or leave a comment!

To finish this post I thought I would share some of my favorite ID's from the past year! (And if you have not heard- We have officially identified 600 pieces for Victoria!)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Visit to Värmland

Today Victoria and Daniel are visiting the province of Värmland. Värmland, as you might recall, is the Duchy of Prince Carl Philip and Sofia.

I will update later with more details about the visit but I just wanted to get a previsionary post up for now.

Victoria wore a new dress from Seraphine, over which she wore her blue Prada coat. She carried her Valentino bag and I believe she is wearing a new pair of booties which come from af Klingberg.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Advisory Council Meeting

Today Victoria joined her father for an Advisory Council Meeting. This Advisory Council Meeting was held on foreign affairs. The Advisory Council is a council that acts as a consultative mouthpiece between the Parliament and the Government. The King acts as Chairman of this council. Victoria attends when she can as one day she will be Chairwomen.

Later in the day, the King and Victoria held an audience for the Minister of Justice and Migration.

For all these meetings, Victoria wore a dress from ASOS (no longer available online) which we first saw on the tour in South America last month. She wore a new blazer from Seraphine over it and carried her trusty Valentino bag.

Friday, November 13, 2015

The Meeting of 2 Princesses

Yesterday, Princess Ayako Takamado of Japan met with Crown Princess Victoria at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. That is about all the information we were given besides for this photo.

A photo posted by Kungahuset (@kungahuset) on

Victoria wore a new dress which featured a beaded/embellished neckline and a zipper on the back. I believe she brought her Valentino bag with her. She wore a pair of booties that I cannot tell which ones they are.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Designer Spotlight: Fadi el Khoury

I figured I would try to do some feature posts from time to time and see how you all like them. Today, let's look at one of the Swedish ladies go-to couture designer. Swedish-Lebanese designer Fadi el Khoury is just that. He is one of the few Swedish couture designers out there and one of the Swedish ladies favorite. He is not just a favorite of Madeleine and Victoria- Marianne Berandotte, Rebecca Ferguson, Martina Bonnier, and Renata Moncalieri. For Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip's wedding he dressed 15 guests! Talk about popular! It is easy to see why he is such a favorite, his designs focus on simple tailoring and the beauty comes in through the layers and the fabric/embroidery used. (In addition to all this he is super helpful and responds to his emails timely and very kindly)

Who can forget Crown Princess Victoria's gown from Princess Madeleine's wedding? The greige rosé with tones of eggplant dress was made of hand dyed sided silk organza with layers of hand-colored tulle in three shades, silk threads, lurex threads, pearls and Swarowski crystals of amethyst and opal gray. It sounds just as amazing as it was. 

Remember Princess Madeleine's two dresses from the Nobel Festivities last December? They both were from Fadi el Khoury and they were stunning as well. The main dress was described as a dress built on layers of silke organza and Italian tulle in shades of greige rosé. Embroidery was done by hand with glass beads, and hand dyed in shades of taupe and burgundy.

The next day she wore a gown described to be a dusty pink dress with lace and tulle. It took me awhile to track it back to Fadi el Khoury but now that I have, I can see his style in the dress. It features classic tailoring that hid Madeleine's pregnancy very well.

Fadi also designed another gown for Victoria which she first wore to a friends wedding in the summer of 2013 but then she officially wore it again for the King's dinner for the Nobel Laureates in December. This gown is described as being a dress of gold lame and tulle with embroidery of gold sequins. This same gown as also worn by a guest, a coworker from Childhood, at Princess Madeleine's wedding. 

In addition to designing gowns, Fadi has also designed a dress for Victoria which she wore in August 2012 when opening up the Mercedes-Benz Stockholm Fashion Week. She opened his show in a special ceremony and then sat and watched in the front row. I thought it was nice that she wore his dress to show support as it was his first showing at Stockholm Fashion Week.
Victoria later removed the detail from the shoulder and wore the dress again under a coat designed by Fadi when attending the wedding of Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg & Stephanie de Lannoy in October 2012. She was a smashing success with this outfit. 
That brings the grand total pieces that Fadi has designed for our favorite Swedish Ladies to 6 and I know that we will see more pieces in the future. I am crossing my fingers for a gown at the Nobels this year by him! We know he can do maternity wear well considering he hid Madeleine's bump last year! Which of these pieces is your favorite? Leave a comment and let me know! 

Photos from Getty and Twitter

Friday, November 6, 2015

Day 3: State Visit from Tunisia

Today ends the state visit to Sweden from Tunisia. Kungahuset posted on their Instagram this picture of Victoria and Daniel waving goodbye to the Tunisian Presidential Couple as they headed off to Uppsala with the King and Queen for their last part of the visit.

A photo posted by Kungahuset (@kungahuset) on

Victoria re-wore her Seraphine Black and White Polka Dot Silk Dress  which we first saw in October at a meeting in Luxembourg. You can refresh your memory of that outfit HERE. Although the photos are not great, I think she is carrying her Valentino Lock Half-Flap Shoulder Bag. She finished the outfit with black pumps.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Day 2: State Visit from Tunisia

Today, Victoria and Daniel (as well as Carl Philip, the King, and Queen) attended a lunch  at the State House in Stockholm in relation to the ongoing State Visit from Tunisia. Later in the evening the "squad" (I felt that word was appropriate here) attended the return dinner held by the Tunisian Presidential Couple.

A photo posted by Kungahuset (@kungahuset) on

Victoria wore her red bespoke dress from Seraphine which she paired with her black Tabitha Simmons pumps. She carried what appears to me to be a new red clutch. She arrived in her white coat from By Malene Birger. She wore her bow fascinator from Evelina Persson.

Later in the evening for the return dinner, Victoria almost identically copied her outfit from Colombia. She wore her blue dress from ASOS, carried her Alexander McQueen clutch, and wore blue pumps which I believe are from Ralph Lauren.

Photos from Instagram and

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Day 1: State Visit from Tunisia

Today began the a 3 day State Visit from Tunisia to Sweden. The President arrived in Sweden this morning and was greeted at the airport by Victoria and Daniel. The couples traveled together back to the Royal Mews where the King and President took the traditional formal welcome carriage ride to the Royal Palace in Stockholm. The couple I believe is having lunch now and then will continue with the rest of their program. Carl Philip joined them for the official welcome at the Palace. Sofia is in South Africa to celebrate Project Playground's 5th Anniversary so she will not be participating in any events of this state visit.

For now, you can see photos of the arrival at either Kungahuset or on Expressen.

Victoria wore another bespoke outfit from Seraphine, I confirmed early this morning. They described it as a
"Silk Chiffon dress with Silk Satin lining and a Wool Coat with Silk Satin Lining". 
It sounds and looks beautiful! She wore a new pair of suede pumps with a blue sole. Surprisingly enough, the fact that they have blue soles is not enough for me to find them quickly. UPDATE: Huge Huge shout out to Sara from Expressen AND Johanna from Svenskdam for informing me that Victoria's shoes come from Victoria Senkpiel! She wore the blue statement earrings that she wore in Colombia (She has had them since 2012) and finished the outfit with a navy blue hat. She wore this same hat back in 2014.

For the dinner in the evening, Victoria wore a dress that some of you might recognize...

It's Madeleine's dress from Tiffany Rose! She paired it with the Baden Fringe Tiara, a brooch from the Bernadotte Collection- I cannot remember it's name currently, and the diamond stomacher earrings. (Sofia wore these earrings on her wedding day)

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Dag Hammarskjöd Lecture

Today Victoria attended a lecture given by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate José Ramos-Horta. This lecture is apart of the annual Dag Hammarskjöld lecture given at Uppsala University. There are currently no photos anyway of Victoria, but I managed to screenshot some pictures from this video for you to get an idea what she is wearing.

Her dress comes from Seraphine Maternity (I confirmed) and this same dress was worn by the Duchess of Cambridge. That is about all I can tell you about her outfit. I think she is wearing a pair of earrings from Misst but I won't know until we get actual photos. Look for this post to be updated later today! Her earrings come from Ebba Brahe actually and she appears to be wearing a pair of Yves Saint Laurent pumps. She wore a blue Prada coat when arriving at the event and carried her blue Quidam clutch.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Information Meeting for the State Visit from Tunisia

Today Victoria and Daniel joined the King and Queen for a meeting about the State Visit from Tunisia held at the Royal Palace. Before every state visit, there is an information meeting where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs gives them in depth information about the visiting country and visitors. The state visit begins on the 4th of November and ends on the 6th. I expect there will be gowns and tiaras as well as appearances from Sofia and Victoria.

Because this was just a meeting at the palace, there are no photographers present. If we are lucky, like we are today, they will take a photo to put on the website. The photo does not show much but it looks to me that Victoria is wearing a dress from Seraphine. (I am 99% sure it is from Seraphine and they are 99% sure as well)

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Princess Leonore in Time to Dress Up

Princess Madeleine posted a photo this morning of Princess Leonore dressed up as a Ladybird!

Leonore's costume comes from the children's costume brand Time to Dress Up.

Photo Credit goes to Princess Madeleine via Facebook/Boggio Studios